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The Future: A Facebook “Pay Per News Feed Click”?!

First of all, if you haven’t read this post yet do so now. Great insight into the future of monetizing Facebook and the Facebook developers and marketers dilemma.

To be honest I had never thought that deeply about Facebook News Feed Optimization, I actually didn’t even know that Facebook has their own algorithms, just like Google, which determines what feeds are displayed on our home page. Looking back on my news feed click behavior I realize I click more on the unique applications that my friends are using than on my friends themselves. This is probably why I get more and more “applications” updates in my news feed.

clipped from www.insidefacebook.com
Facebook owns your most important marketing channels: the News Feed, Notifications, and Messages. And marketers and application developers have analagous marketing options with Facebook as with Google on the open web:
NFO (News Feed Optimization) – convincing Facebook to display the Feed items that your application publishes in your users’ friends’ News Feeds.
it’s probably only a matter of time before the same type of people who created PayPerPost set up a new type of shop to game Facebook: in a world where individual behavior matters most, I’m sure you will soon be able to buy not only application distribution, but also News Feed clicks, hoping that Facebook will believe that your feed items really are that interesting.
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